Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Romantic Games for Newlyweds That Brings Them Much Closer

As the wedding rituals get over, the real marital journey begins for the newlyweds. It’s the time when couples start to know each other, including each other’s comfort and discomfort zone.
As the marital life begins, the time for honeymoon vacation also arrives and it actually helps in bringing the newlyweds to know each other closely and also adds a sense of privacy. It is obvious that both will feel a bit awkward in each other’s company. This is where the romantic games come in handy to improve the relationship between the newlyweds. Playing games has always been the perfect way to open up before each other and it also gives a sense of freedom to express before your spouse. These honeymoon games can be fun and exciting for every couple. Here is a list of few exciting games that you can enjoy with your partner and make your honeymoon into a memorable one.

Painting Your Partner
In this game you will get a chance to explore your partner's body by using it as a canvas. Always use some washable paints while playing this game, as they are easily removed and also bring along a large plastic sheet to spread on the floor. Enjoy painting on each other’s body, all the while taking your time to paint every inch of your partner with different strokes of color and patterns. The game is quite enjoyable. After getting over with painting each other, you can both head into the bathroom to wash the paint off your partner’s body.

Pack a blindfold on your honeymoon trip or you can even take a scarf from your own wardrobe in order to blindfold your partner. Include some sweet treats to make this game even more fun. Blindfold your mate and feed him with various kinds of foods, asking him to guess the item. Delicious fruits dipped in chocolate are generally opted upon in this type of games. Now, you can switch places and let him tease you in the same manner. You can also getting blindfolded turn wise and touch each other’s body with your fingertips and various other, and make your partner guess what the items are.

Truth or Dare
The game, ‘truth or dare’ is the most preferable game if you want to know each other. You can add extra things to such type of games like a drinking, losing your clothes or a secret disclosure. By playing these types of games you can express yourself much better in front of your partner. You can ask questions to your partner and if he or she fails to answer it correctly, you can punish your partner as you desire. Just keep in mind that you do not cross your limits and your comfortable is comfortable while performing the various punishments.

Play Romantic Music
Take your favorite romantic CD or your MP3 player filled with a good collection of romantic songs. While in your room, play the romantic music and set the mood for both of you. You can also enjoy a passionate dance with each other or even play the music while playing various romantic games with your partner.

Hidden Treasure
These types of games are for the couples who have already developed an understanding between each other. In this game, you have to hide the treasure in your hotel room. The hidden treasure can be of various types, like beautiful flowers, chocolates or small gifts. Leave few clues on small sheets of paper at different places of the room to help your partner find the treasure. You can offer a sweet kiss on your partner's cheeks on every time he or she gets one step closer to the surprise by following the clue. The game is surely popular among the honeymoon couples as it gives the sheer joy of anticipation of what the hidden treasure may be like.


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