Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Keep Yourself Safe with the Help of Some Safety Tips, When Traveling In India

India is an incredible country, with various religions and colorful cultures coexisting with each other. The country is full of fascinating tourist destinations and rich cultural heritage. But of late, the increasing crimes against the domestic as well as foreign women in the country have been raising concerns for the safety of the women travelers. It has been cited that the reason of this raising safety issues regarding the women in India is mainly due to the fragile law and order of the country and the growing psychologically unhealthy mentality of men towards women. Here are some of the essential tips for the women traveling in India-

Prepare yourself- It applies to every new destination that you are planning to visit. One should spend some considerable time in knowing the customs and the type of environment you are going to be facing before traveling to India. As you would for any destination, spend time learning about India and its customs before arriving. One should avoid the visit to the places that has been recording increasing number of crimes against women in India. Traveling in India requires a lot of mental as well as physical preparation beforehand, especially for the women, as the place is not only growing unsafe for the women but also has unhealthy sanitization problems.

Dress appropriately- It is another essential aspect while traveling in India. The people of the country have very conservative thoughts, so should make it a point to dress well and cover your body properly, including your shoulders, legs and of course your cleavage.  Wearing Indian dresses is much preferable, such as kurtas or a shalwar kameez suit, which are easily available at local markets or even at some of the branded stores. Proper dressing is not a guarantee of your safety but it certainly changes the wrong mindset of the men and the manner in which they will approach you. By wearing inappropriate clothes, you will only draw unnecessary attention towards yourself.

Book an Upper Berth, while Traveling on Trains- Journeys on trains in India is always full of fun and adventure. But there is always a matter of safety associated to traveling on trains in India. So it advisable that you always book an upper berth while traveling on trains. This will not only prove to be advantageous to keep your bags safely, but will also keep you away from the unnecessary attention, all the while giving you a sense of privacy. It will also keep you away from the chaos during the day time as well as the night, when you are sleeping.

Don’t Go To New Destination at Night- One should try to avoid late-night arrivals or departures. Not traveling at nights is much as a safety issue as it is for financial reasons. During the night time, the cunning one will out at places to take the advantage of the women travelers. Traveling in night will surely confront you with several dangers and last minute chaos.

Travel to Hill stations- India has some of the top rated hill stations in the world. It is better to opt for these places rather than the bustling cities of the country, as these hill stations are much cleaner, lesser populated and hospitable locals. One will certainly feel much safer at these places than the metropolitan cities in India.

Some other practical tips, which will make your travel as a women in India enjoyable and hassle free.

  • Avoid public transportation at night and more of all, it is safe to reach hotel early rather than making it too late at night.
  • Wear T Shirts and long shorts while swimming, rather than going in the water with swimming suit.
  • Travel with male partner if you have as it will lessen the attention towards you.
  • Avoid Eye Contact and chit chat with strangers. Best travel with sun-glasses.
  • Don’t ask for lifts at night rather get the services from the car hire on call.
  • Hope the above mentioned tips will prove to make your journey much safer, the next time you decide to travel in India.



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