Monday, December 2, 2013

Beauty But Not So Romantic

Honeymoon can be considered as a positive line before you draw a beauty of eternal life owing so much importance in life this beautiful bonding requires a perfect setting and the below mentioned places are not so romantic though they are famous and lured with all the ambiance requires to make it an idol of beauty but so far so far romance and fable saga are concerned they are not well renowned.

Varkala Beach

Beauty of backwaters and beach lines an ambiance of Varkala as it long running coastline always embarks a beauty so that people could see an utmost beauty of tropical land beside that adventure here could be enjoyed as paragliding, boat rides, water skiing are some of the beauty of adventure type yet they are not so famous in terms of romantic ambiance, so it is better for those who loves to enjoy a beauty of nature.

Secluded beauty at a site of Sikkim where tribal community lives in a beauty of hamlet is renowned for its seven sisters falls which signifies a solidarity between 7 north eastern states are amongst a beauty of Sikkim. Nature lovers do loveto come here, as ambiance here is filled with flora and fauna, yet it cannot be considered as romantic as honeymooners expect it to be.

Beauty of Madhya Pradesh lies in a bank of River Betwa is renowned for its historical relics and the historians do love to come here to see a beauty of Ram Raja Mahal and Jehangir Mahal, which was built by Mughal architecture. Serene Beauty is known for its ancient times but if you looking for a romantic time here this place may not fill your purpose.

Nestled at a beauty of Uttaranchal this place is just a class beauty as a long ranging mountains lives a beauty of this place, snow capped mountains and hilly resort complimented by a patchy green trees is so soothing one must pay a visit here to enjoy an impeccable beauty of nature but so far as romantic fuse are concerned it is not that popular.

Magnificent from Karnataka, Hampi is renowned for its historical ambiance. Set up between rocks and waterways place could give you a feeling of nature along with a beauty of past but romantic time here is not so a good idea cause it is not as popular as other romantic destination.

Discover a beauty of virgin mountains here at a beauty of Tawang valley. beauty of Sela Pass and Dirang are sure to blow your mind away as well as the beauty of Tawang monastery settles between a site making it an over craft beauty but in terms of romantic profusion the place is not so renowned.

Beauty from Kerala rich in culture and natural speckles, Wayanad is a true beauty one can get a chance here to reveal a beauty of tremendous hill station along with natural resources that fills and decorates a beauty of Wayanad. Lust in a beauty of Western Ghats the place has everything to make it an affluent Verna of beauty.

Crowned by a beauty of forts this place from Rajasthan is renowned for its forts which reflects the history of their past times a journey here means a meeting with historical facts. Towering forts are so beauty in its kind one would understand a beauty of history if they pay a visit here so it is much ideal for historians rather than romance seekers.

Tarkarli Beach
Deserted in the Konkan coast of Maharashtra the beach is renowned for its scenic beauty but it is not that celebrated when it comes to spending days of romance but when it comes to a tranquil beauty this place ranks high as the sea food here could make out your day.

Remarkable beauty of Himachal Pradesh this hill station is often termed as Mini Switzerland cause of its affluent beauty. Filled with thick deodar forest and hue of green that runs across a beauty picture rise a moment of tranquillity and sincerity here as it looks to give a taste of beauty of hilly region.


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