Monday, November 4, 2013

Beautiful Dresses and cultures of Kashmir

Culture and attire are two significant criteria for a world to understand our identity, to know our customs and rituals and to mark how good we acknowledge our old heritage, if we are to look into a diversity that lands between a nation to nation than it would be very difficult for us to understand and classify them into a box but atleast we could try to understand a culture of one state independently.

Today we are going to focus at the culture and attire of Jammu and Kashmir as we all aware of its natural beauty and serene ambiance but to understand Kashmir we are also require to consider its heritage and importance.

Land of beauty is exemplified by a mixture of culture adhere from their past ancestor who had their voyage to the different nation and as a result Kashmir has a diversity of culture a most important thing to notice in terms of culture is a mix living of a people from different community, background and religion.

People here belongs to Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religion which speaks a rich volume of culture here, an alluring beauty is well propounded by its prosperity which in turn adds more delight to its tradition and beauty.

Language and dialects here are prolific people here has their own dialects which reflects their beauty and hospitality, cuisine has always been a wonder here despite that a beauty of traditional dance and folk song here are famous and during the time of festival people perform the same and creates a magic of moment.
Renowned for its fine arts and handicrafts the handworks here are just amazing for an instance a Shikara is a glaring example of their attachment with their culture.

Culture here is influenced by a central Asia and northern south Asia which is based on humanism and harmony.

 Costumes are renowned for its rich embroidery and beauty of prints, sleek design are made in a way to prevent a dresser from a cold and frost weather a beauty of art left by an ancestor could well be found in a dress of Kashmir.

Clothes here are mostly made out of wool, cotton and silk which shows defines a beauty of culture as the Kashmiris people are Master of Arts and fine works so the design they put up in their dresses are just awesome.

Pheran is most popular garment here at Kashmir most of the people wears a multi design pheran with sherwani and churidars.

Pashmina shawls are amongst the most beautiful shawls are made here which is most ideal for weather people here comes in numbers to buy a pair for them a beauty of design and made with a delicacy an attire here are just awesome some of the more renowned are Khangri, khan suit, Kassaba, and other beauty of garments.

People from Gujjar and Dogra community has their own attire which is also a part of Kashmir culture and tradition reflects a unity in bonds a beauty of culture and tradition has made this place not only renowned for natural beauty but also for its rich culture and tradition.


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