Friday, October 11, 2013

Secreted Honeymoon Gems: Top 10

As soon as the wedding approaches, couples are eager to choose their travel destinations across the globe. Honeymoon is like a dream come true, so for a perfect honeymoon forget the Gondola Ride of Venice or the crystal clear waters of Tahiti which is now like a ritual and traditions for the newly wedded couple. Hidden gems and exotic hideouts are what the couple should prefer, here are the top 10 secreted treasures where you could make the fantasy come true in your real life.

Bettmeralp in Switzerland, relish a cable car ride that will transport you to a small car free village, witness the Aletsch glacier and the magical snow flurried mountains. Don’t forget to swallow some gluwein in facade of a log fire and finally end your day with a mesmerizing taste of Swiss chocolate which is truly a masterpiece. Historic villages and no time for romance place is what you will come across this wonderful place.

Shelburne in Vermont, USA is unspoilt beautiful and pleasant with 1400 acres of operational farm with an inn on the banks of Lake Champlain. From lip tongue tingling wine in Shelburne Vineyard to lip smacking food in local restaurants, everything is perfect in this place.

Khan Khentii in Mongolia can be perilous as it is a conserved wilderness area but will fetch you with some of the unforgettable wild moments. Enriched with varied flora and fauna and spiced with emerald hills, Tuul River rising here from the Hagiin Khar Nuur ornaments this wonderful place. It is ideal for horse trekking, trekking, photography and fishing. Horseback riding at sunset across the steppe is a must do while in this place. 

Home to the gorillas, serrated valleys, pictorial mountains and impressing moneys, Bwindi Forest National Park in Uganda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can spend your honeymoon close to nature. Exploring the dense forests and living in the thatched hut alongside tall trees will make your honeymoon a vibrant one.  

The handsome desert town of Cafayate in Argentina is home to some of majestic rock formations and exotic wines. Besides tasting the matchless wines like Torrontes in wineries, one can also go for mountain biking, horse riding and hiking or visit to nearby villages can be worthy. 

Hiddensee Island in Germany is 18 square km island situated in the Baltic Sea with sandy beaches offering immense opportunities for hiking, sailing, swimming and fishing. No motorized road adds to the serenity of this place and the local always quotes ‘whoever visits will always return’. The secret sand of this place is sure to heal all your chaos.
The tropical island of Ambergris Caye in Belize is an innate honeymoon site. Scuba diving in the world’s second largest barrier reef Blue Hole, investigating the antique Mayan remains and climbing in the thick jungles and caves besides spending some secluded time on the thatched huts drinking some beer will add to the magical colours of your life.  

Cruise Alaska in small ship and wake the other day to witness some of the majestic glaciers and mountain peaks at the other side from your window. Sip a drink and set up for a walk in a remote beach side for a wonderful experience with your loving partner, it is sure to raise the level of romanticism.    

The 5.5 km lengthy and 500 meters broad Pamalican Island in Philippines pledges isolation with its five star resorts, seven square miles of coral reef, immaculate and sandy beaches. After you arrive here for your honeymoon with your partner it will also be a venue for a supreme saga. 

An era train journey of Namibia in the 1950’s Desert Express is what everybody looks out for. Explore the golden desert of Namibia in this matchless train journey which will make both of you feel above the world and dine-in the scrumptious supper sipping a glass of antique wine with your partner. 

Nowhere in the world, will you get this type of heavenly paradise for celebrating your honeymoon. So, live the moment and venture for a romantic honeymoon with your newly wedded couple. 


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