Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Authentic Rajasthan with its authentic Cuisine

In India guest are treated as god and to make them happy or to impress them a cuisine is for most thing that we Indian basically look for and in a diverse nation where each state has its own taste and preferences a scope to discover all becomes wider and interesting.

In such a wide variety of cuisine what we must consider and recommend is a delicious cuisine of Rajasthan, or can say Marwari Cuisine, well history is evident that India is a land of spices and every food is a delight and authentic while when we talk about authenticity than we must consider Rajasthan for its sovereign of food and uniqueness in cooking.
If we look at the history a delight in cuisine was added and discovered by war many battles took place and each had a different taste and way of cooking and collaborating all the ideas we get a delicious cuisine of Rajasthan.

Cuisine of Rajasthan are more like Royal because of the Maharajas And Raja has a taste of different and in a land of royals a cuisine should be a trademark well in this context one proverb fits perfectly a way to a men’s heart is through his stomach and if you believe in this saying than try a cuisine of Rajasthan.

Different in its origin and nature it is very different as compare to other northern Indian food like that of Punjabi cuisine, Kashmiri and Uttar Pradesh while their cooking are impressive but the beauty of cuisine of Rajasthan is attached with the essence of soil.

Gram flour is a major ingredients they use to make a platter while at the same time much cause it’s at the sunny side ghee’s, milk, and butter milk are use in making the cuisine.

Dal-Baati-Churma: it is probably a most delicious cuisine which is made to honor the guest has a special taste and is made in a special occasion.

Pickles and Papads: how about a complimentary like pickles and Papads to add more beauty and to make it tastier. Amazing pickles and chutneys and varieties of Papads makes Rajasthan cuisine a wonderful and authentic one.

Meaty Matter: though meats are not a regular dish as most of the people here are vegetarians but a touch of delicacy while making Meaty matar is delicious and are cooked mostly by men.

Tadka of chilies and garlic with a thick paste of onions and tomatoes are core ingredients while making a Rajasthan cuisine.

Sweat and snacks; classic recopies of Bikaner a land of spice has a wide variety of snacks renowned for its taste such as moong Dal, boondi, sohali, nimkis, aloo chips and products of haldirams makes Rajasthan a land of varied cuisine.

Whereas sweats are like traditional halwa, ladoo (in Varieties) are to be found in a menu list of Rajasthan cuisine.

Bread basket and dairy product:

Rotis are made in an authentic kitchen as far as Lpg gas are concern they believe in making with traditional style with no room of facility like oven, toaster and other modern ambiance the locals here are more into eating rotis which comes in wide varieties with a local sabji called gatte ki sabji and pakora. 

Along with that a healthy product of diary like ghee, milk and butter are use to cook a stuff which would add more delight and flavor to a dish.

This all factors and dishes makes Rajasthan cuisine different as compare to other northern India cuisine authenticity is the first criteria and making of cuisine makes Rajasthan cuisine a delightful cuisine.

So if you paying a visit to a land of rich culture than don’t forget to taste some of the delicious cuisine as mentioned above and give your taste bud a different experience.


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