Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Get the Same Spark and Glow of Honeymoon back in Your Life

Marriage and honeymoon are separate parts of life with same person. Marriage is a social ceremony to show the people that you are married; it is like a legal procedure that should be carried out while living in a society, but honeymoon is completely different where you have to choose a destination to celebrate the time to bond your relationships. It is the time to make the both of you know each other and create a sense of understanding between the two of you.

There are different ways to make your honeymoon memorable, you can travel to some serene place where you can spend some of the loveliest times possible or you can create a magical world in the same place where you spend your daily life. For the best experience while honeymooning couples should consider several things like avoiding unnecessary luggage which create a chance of shopping, selecting a place according to your budget carrying necessary things like brush, towel, etc.

After your marriage your life could sometimes turn in to a hell so to maintain the romantic life which used to be during the honeymoon time, you should consider the following mentioned alternatives which could get the spark back to your lives.

Memorize the Lovely Times: Whenever a problem arises between the two of you, make certain of remembering the lovely and romantic times when both of you used to be very happy and satisfied with each other. With increasing burdens of work and love life, it becomes difficult to possess the same life but memorizing the past times can keep you happy at times. You can also do it by watching the old marriages video.

Take a Vacation/Holiday: It is one of the best options to regain the spark back to your lives, through a vacation both of you will get a chance to spend some secluded times together thus making both of you to fall in love again. It will aid to minimize your problems and figure out the problems that were ruining your life.  

Set a Romantic Date/Dinner Every Weekend: If you are restricted to a holiday due to a limited finance, you can consider taking your partner to a romantic date or dinner. You can go for a long drive, supper where you could create the magic by using the advantage of the moonlight or even some artificial lighting.
Fix the Grudges: Before the problem turn into a huge matter, fix it. Admit the problems fix it and move on to a world of colour, it’s much better than keeping the anger in your hearts.

Give the Reward: Make sure to reward your partner if you feel it to be good and charming, this will give you quick results.
Among others:
  • Try to praise simpler things.
  • Have a sex in day instead of night or while you two are alone in the home aka make love.
  • Listen to your partner as you want him to listen while you speak.
  • Play your favourite song which used to pump both of you in older times.
  • Read the vows that you and your partner used to make.


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