Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips for a Charismatic and Unforgettable Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the next best thing that occurs in every human’s life after being married. Don’t think that it will be romantic because it’s your honeymoon, do whatever you can to make it more memorable. It is the beginning of new life and it is the time when you can know each other in a much proper way ending in a strong bond.

After the honeymooning period, who know that you may live the life happily or sadly, so here are some tips to make your honeymoon special and unforgettable.

Plan According to the Climatic Conditions: Whether you are visiting a summer hill retreat or a beach destination always make sure to plan according to the climatic conditions of that place. Carry your cloths and backpack according to the weather.   

Make Early Reservations:
Reservation is a must before visiting any good place as it remains crowded and horded by numbers of honeymooners and vacationers. Therefore, it is best for you to book the hotel or any other attraction before you visit. 

Budget: We all know that wishes and desires are unlimited, so it’s always better to set a budget for your trip before venturing for your honeymoon if you don’t want to bother your friends with an early phone call which asks them about money. It will also help in managing the small fights between both of you. But make sure to discuss this thing when both of you and your partner being present. Saying all this, carry adequate money and separate some money for uncertain expenses and shopping.     

Dresses: Pack plenty amount of dresses; you can repeat the day dresses but don’t even think of repeating your night dresses. Carry lingerie and night dresses wisely and sumptuously. Carry your dresses according to the climatic conditions of the place you are about to visit for e.g. if the place remains moderate throughout the year then pack some light woolen in winter and light dresses in summer and if the place remains cold then pack some serious warm stuffs in winter and light woolen in summer.  

Activities: Activities are the boosters while on a honeymoon trip. So write down list and include some of the things that you want to relish without being separated with your partner. These include trekking, jungle safari, spa day etc.      

Backpack: The things that you should include in your backpack include nice pair of sunglasses, sun hats, sun block, comfortable shoes and slippers and a camera to capture the best moments of your life.

Surprise:  Women love surprises so does a guy, so if you want to add the extra bit of spice in your honeymooning trip then all you have to do is carry a little gift which meant a lot to your partner. Guy can arrange a candle light dinner in a beach side or on a roof top restaurant and a women can carry something special to surprise your partner.

Stay Happy: The most important of all the tips, stay happy and relish this time fully from the heart. Don’t complain and never let your partner complain by doing any wrong stuff. Be happy and make her/him happy.  

Some Useful Tips Before you Leave:
  • Do make sure to carry umbrella and raincoat if you are visiting any place in rainy season, or you can just relish the rain by dancing with the rain.
  • Carry all the travel documents
  • Make sure to visit the place when you can enjoy the place at its best.
  • For women, it is suggested to keep minimal makeover through.
  • Dress according to the place you are visiting.

Bonus Tip: Always have an alternative option for staying, it’s better to keep a backup plan for hotels just in case if the booked hotel is not up to the mark which was guaranteed when you booked it.    
It is the time when a boy transforms in to a guy and a girl transforms in to a women, so go on and enjoy happily to make it the most memorable moment of your life. 


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