Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shorten the Distance Between You, Your Girlfriend and Friends: Top 6 Picks

Is there anyone who hasn’t had to face this dilemma? Ok there may be someone who hasn’t had to face this problem but not all of you. There always comes a time in life of everybody when this thing happens.

You may feel sorry for your friends sometimes while on a couple venture or you may feel same thing for your girlfriend while with an outing with friends. Guess what! There are no remedies for this problem as one day or the other you have to come across this truth about life.

No one can provide the curative measures to solve this problem on a whole but here are my top 6 picks for shortening the distances between you, your girlfriend and friends and also making both of them happy so that you live your life happily.

Plan Things Together: Stop making your girlfriend suspicious and arrange an outing or small party where you could introduce your girlfriend to your friends. By doing so, she will be familiarize with your friends and next time if you ask her to get out of for a bachelor outing it’s for sure that she won’t say no if she loves you.

Pay Attention to Both of Them: Attention is a must in both love and friendship. Do not bring your friends while you are busy with your girlfriend and apply same formulae while you are with friends. Building relationship is a steady process and it does not come in a rapid way, you have to go slow and steady to win the race whether it is love or friendship.

Value her Rights: In a year there are many days when you can be with your friends but for a girlfriend some days are bigger than anything like your birthday, her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, New Year etc. Ok you can go out on a New Year if your girl allows you to, but I don’t think so.    

Distribute Time: Distribute time or planning ahead of them can save you from possible riot. It is not as difficult and not as easy too, but just keep in mind that distributing time is directly going to improve your relationship with friends as well as girlfriend as it shows how much you care about them. 

Know Their Instincts: It is very important for a guy to know the instincts of both your friends and girlfriends. You know that your girlfriend would not have liked to go with you for watching a football game, it’s not with all the girls but let us consider it. Same goes on with your friends when you take your girlfriends in a Bachelor party every time. Know their nature and tackle with it. It is up to you to know when to take your girlfriend and when to not. 

Bond Them:
Your girlfriend can be easy pick for your friends to choose their pair. Organize a party where both your friends and her friends meet. Then just, make them talk if they start talking freely then let them. Next day or the other, you will see both of them pairing which will make your problem easier as all of you can now go to movies or clubs with them.

Follow these simple tips and make your girlfriend and friends happy which will eventually make you happier.


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