Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mysterious Skeleton Lake of Roopkund

It was during the call of 1942 much before the draft of India Independence the forest guard of Roopkund discovered the frozen lake which was occupied by the skeletons of the human. He made this astounding discovery within the reach of sea level which measured around 16000 feet.  The horrible scene of skeletons got more intense when summer started melting the density of ice and when it all happened they reveal the skulls and bones of the human floating above the perennial of water.

The moment it punctured the mind of the people an instant postulation thought of remains being the core of the Japanese soldiers who eventually died during their effort to sneak through the border of India. The moment British colonial came to know about Japanese invasion they sent a team of investigator to examine the condition after the careful assessment they discovered that the bones were not of Japanese soldiers.

An examination revealed that the bones found within the edges of the Roopkund Lake were not fresh but rather it was old, hairy and fleshed. It is believed that the preservation of such was carried out by the fresh, dry and cold air.

Over the year researchers could not determine an actual identity of the bones more of all they really had no idea how 200 people were killed within the boundary of the small valley. To explain the cause of such horrible situation many theories were put forward but not of it actually justify the misery of Skeleton Lake.

It was during the call of 2004 the expedition to the site was carried by researchers and they seem to have finally solved the deadlocks related with the mystery of Skeleton Lake. According to their review and research they discovered the ruins of the humans belonged to the days of 850AD and the DNA verification specify that there were two sets of people namely tribal family and porters or guides. During their research they found spears, leather shoes, bamboo staves and rings and according to historians the respective group was heading to perform pilgrimage which evidentially resulted in chaos of lives.

It was shocking to understand that all the bodies were dead in similar fashion and the short deep cracks according to them were not a wounds caused by a weapons. While assessing the skulls and bones they witnessed the wounds were evident only in head and the shoulders.

According to Himalayan women the ancient traditional folk song describes the cause of such brutal and mass killing. They believed that the lyrics defines the outrage of goddess who rained death upon them by bestowing hailstorm which according to them was hard as iron. You would be shock to understand the actual consideration of 2004 research justifies the same cause that killed 200 people.

 It is said that all the 200 people were trapped within an open space and there they had no shelter or roof to prevent such massacre which ultimately resulted in their death. They believe that the hailstorm were of cricket ball sized and were harder than man could imagine it to be.


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