Monday, December 9, 2013

Shooting Location in Kerala

Kerala, renowned as a Gods own country is so much beautiful in location and its tropical land allows a beauty to moist within, tranquil landscape and alluring backwaters of this tropical magnificent has allowed a tourist as well as movie directors to set a shooting stage in Kerala.

In recent days we have witnessed many movies with the Kerala graphs on the background, from hilly side to a back waters, from valley of farms to a coastal line, tremendous beauty of Kerala has entice a Bollywood directors to set a stage around a beauty of Kerala so that they can get a maximum environmental beauty.

Munnar hill station
Solemnly settled at a beauty of Idduki, this Hill station is a gem of beauty and Bollywood Films has knock the Door of Munnar to cast their Movie in a sublime beauty of Munnar. Renowned for its majestic beauty place is surely a prime location where you could get a maximum beauty of nature behind the screen.
We have seen Big B and Jiah Khan sharing a moment of delight at this wonderful hill station of Munnar while there shooting for Nishabd.
Nishabd : Movie Location in Munnar

Back waters of Alleppey
Renowned for its tranquil and still backwaters that flows and creates a magic of wonders is a prime location where you can screen a beauty of your shots. In past many renowned actors have seen dancing at a site of Alleppey backwaters amongst them Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta have shared a stage together during their romantic dance cast

Beauty of location and sublime in beauty this place is renowned for its natural wonders as the Ravan was graphed here in a beauty of Athirappilly, this place has shown a magical beauty behind the screen as the film was not so blockbuster only beautiful thing about the place was its screen work.

Beautiful hill station, magical environment, soothing breeze and many more, Idduki is something where you would find a beauty of Location to shoot so this beauty from Kerala is nevertheless a place where you can set all your cameras and crews and start shooting a beauty of background as it has a natural beauty so you would not require anything artificial to add that extra elements.

Bekal Fort
Superb beauty and casted under Mani Ratnam film, Bombay amazing screen shots of this fort was really a good thing about movie as the sequences of fort was captured in a way as it suppose the fort played a brilliant role in defining a meaning of this movie.
Bombay : Movie Location in Bekal Fort

Another beauty of Kerala renowned for its magical location many pictures over the past got screened here, magical ambiance has so much to offer. Truly environmental touching a beauty of nature this place is just so perfect in terms of shooting a movie many south actors over the years have been seen performing a dance at the side of Kumarakom and seeing a magical beauty Bollywood directors are eying to shot one beauty within Kumarakom.


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