Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fast Traveling vs Slow Traveling

Traveling fast while on a tour is the best option through which you can get the maximum of enjoyment possible. Like for example; if you ask seasoned travelers about traveling to Hyderabad, Chennai, Kanyakumari, and Trivandrum to Shimla, Ladakh, and Dehradun in 20 days, then they will never agree. They will tell you that it will take you much more than the days that you planned, but they are the one who travel in one city for 5 to 6 days seeing the same things time and again. So, if you want to travel fast to the places that you love to visit then here are the six reasons owing to the fact that traveling fast is the best option.

Familiarity: Slow traveler visits Srinagar for 7 days whereas fast traveler advents to Srinagar, Ladakh, Shimla, Dehradun in the same days. The slow traveler may get to know much about Shimla like he may get to taste the culinary delights of Shimla, whereas the fast traveler in the same days will get to taste various culinary and mouth watering delights of Ladakh, Dehradun, and Shimla along with the delicacy of Srinagar.

You will never visit the place that you skip today: For a seasoned traveler like if he/she is visiting the Northern part of India in 15 days, than a fast traveler will visit the same part in 8 days and he/she will also visit the adjacent places including some other parts of North East of India for the remaining of the 7days. The seasoned travelers may think that they are saving the rest of the parts to visit later, but they will never visit again to the remaining place as there are lots and lots of other places to visit.

Cultural Holiday Trip is no way to Rest: Do you want to travel to 5 attractions in 5 hours or do you want to spend 4 hours in a lake watching the fish, resting in the banks and other things around. Now, it’s up to you to choose between these two. It may make you tired by visiting 5 places in five hours but it is the one that will give you everlasting memory not the one in which you spend 4 hours at the same thing. 

Use of Time: Usually, people who travel slowly will spend their 1 week of trip in some place like for example in and around of Trivandrum and after that they will return to other place via air missing most of the places to see. Whereas in case of fast traveler, he/she visits in and around Trivandrum in 2 days, and roam other destinations of Kerala including Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady etc. for remaining 5 days relishing all of the scenic grandeur of Gods own Country.

Ground Travel: While traveling a fast traveler travels using the local transportation system which include bus, trams, metro, or any other thereby, enjoying all the places on their way. If a person is traveling from Delhi to Shimla, on the way he will come across the mesmerizing beauty thus knowing the real beauty of nature. While in case of slow traveler, he will visit Shimla via air thus missing the real beauty.

Cost Factor: The cost of fast traveling may be costly but it is really inexpensive compared to slow traveling, for example; if a person wants to visit Chennai along with Lakshadweep in a 1 week time, and other person wants to visit only Chennai and visit Lakshadweep next time. From Chennai it won’t cost you much to advent Lakshadweep, but if you won’t visit while in Chennai than next time you have to go Lakshadweep via plane which will cost you much more compared to visitation to Lakshadweep when you were in Chennai.
There should be no difference on choosing the way that you want to travel, so above all always listen to your mind and don’t follow your rules just head on the way which keeps you happier. 


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