Thursday, August 29, 2013

For some People planned Tours are finer than Independent Travel

We all know that if we travel independently or in an organized way, we will have to face some problems, but for some people planned tour might favor compared to independent traveling. Independent traveling can be good if you are experienced and informed about the place you are visiting but if you lack in such things, then planned tour is the best option for you to choose. Here I present to you with 9 reasons why planned tours are better than independent traveling for some people.

Costs and Pricing: While traveling freely, it will cost you much more than your imagination. You will have no idea about the costs of travelling or food. But, while on a planned tour the expenditure will be less as you will be offered with discounts on almost on every occasion. You should not worry about being scammed.
Visitation to Antique and Famed sites: In reality, most successful independent travelers never visit to the real gems or famed spot because of less information, whereas in a planned tour you will be guided to each and every popular tourist spots and antique sites for sightseeing.   
Accommodation: While traveling, safety is always the main concern for all of us. Travelling on your own means you have to solve all the problems that you faced on your own like; if the hotel in the area you are roaming is fully booked then you have to search another hotel on your own, but it doesn’t happen in planned tour as the operators will be concerned about you. In case of planned tour, the operator of the tour ware of the local hotel conditions and along with their amenities.  
Safety in Numbers: If you are travelling in a group than you can travel easily in any part of the world, you can make good friends through group tours. Whereas, in case of sole travelling you should be aware of the fact that you are venturing alone and should take care of yourself.  
Superior Quality at Better Value: The fact is that it will cost you cheaper while venturing solely, but in that case you have to relish the street foods, hotels in a renewable condition and at some times junk foods. Planned tours take care of you in every aspect of health and accommodation providing you better quality foods and superior accommodation.
Cultural and Language Barrier: These are the major barriers while traveling to any parts of the globe. Respecting the culture and knowing the language difference is very vital while on your advent, while traveling in a planned way a guide will look after these as it is his work to do so; but, in case of touring alone you have to know the variances in culture and short forms of emergency for toilets, doctors etc. On a tour, the tour operators are specially taught to tackle the obstacles and remain as a friend of you.
Socialization: While traveling in a group you will be able to share your feelings and reactions to others, which will help to build a relationship even after the tour ends. Traveling with unknown people while on a planned tour adds a social aspect. Travelling solely means, you have to keep all the happy and sad moments within you.  

Saves Time and Energy: Tour operators research all the preparation works for attending the landmarks on the itinerary, it saves your time and energy as compared to sole traveling where you have to do all the research works about sightseeing and restaurants or hotels on your own.
Inner Information: You don’t have to waste time in knowing about the places you are visiting as the tour guide will give you information regarding those things. In case, of independent traveling you have to ask people or do researches. Planned tour may let you to ascertain some secreted gems.


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